Avi Goldberg


Avi Goldberg is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building, operating, and scaling leading technology companies. Prior to joining to GreatPoint, Avi was the founder, CEO and chairman of Dispatch Technologies, an enterprise software company powering the world’s largest home service companies. In 2018, Dispatch was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

Avi has co-founded over 10 companies in industries such as life sciences and renewable energy, raising billions of dollars of capital and filling roles from co-founder all the way through public company director.

Avi joined GreatPoint in 2022 to lead the firms’ efforts in the formation, development and commercialization of promising ideas and technologies in a broad spectrum of investment sectors including insuretech, proptech, healthtech, biotech, fintech, B2B and enterprise software.

Avi holds a BA in Political Science from Boston University.