Meet the Family

Autonomous surgical robots; plant-based meat; an unhackable credit bureau; early-stage cancer diagnostics; affordable and transparent health insurance; the world’s fastest database; technology that helps first responders save lives...

We’re proud partners to these bold companies:


Abett has developed a revolutionary data warehouse in which users can access health benefits claims and information in real time.

Activ Surgical

Activ Surgical has developed an autonomous surgical robotics platform that outperforms surgeons in complex tasks.


Anagram helps eye care providers thrive and serve their patients by enabling them to seamlessly process vision insurance benefits.

Arbor BioTechnologies

Arbor BioTechnologies develops CRISPR-related gene editing technologies to cure previously incurable genetic diseases.

Atlas Health

Atlas Health helps patients and hospitals gain access to multi-billion-dollar pools of medical financial aid that would otherwise go unused.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat (IPO: BYND) makes plant based meat products (like burgers and sausages) sold in tens-of-thousands of restaurants and grocery stores.


BeyondCore (Acquired by Salesforce) applies artificial intelligence to large data sets—such as sales records or logistics archives—to provide practical insights and direction to company decision-makers.


BookOutdoors is the first online marketplace for searching and booking professionally managed outdoor accommodations.


Carenostics revolutionizes patient care through the application of clinically-oriented artificial intelligence which identifies patients at risk for chronic diseases. The company’s platform seamlessly integrates into clinicians’ workflow leading to faster, earlier diagnosis for a much greater number of patients.

Carrum Health

Carrum Health helps large companies and their employees save money and get great healthcare outcomes by negotiating better deals (known as bundled payments) with the country's best hospitals and doctors.


CellFE has developed a benchtop instrument that greatly improves the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies into cells at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors.


Coalesce is the only data transformation tool built for scale, using a low code graphical user interface to allow for increased data engineering productivity.


Coherent easily transforms large amounts of data into APIs that are compatible with commonly used developer tools.

Cooler Screens

Cooler Screens transforms retail cooler surfaces into IoT-enabled screens, creating the largest retail point-of-sale media platform in the world.


Datalogz is a first-of-its-kind business intelligence (BI) operations platform that provides enterprises with the visibility and control needed to understand who has access to different kinds of reports/dashboards, and to manage the rapidly growing costs of their data and analytics environments.


Datapeople organizes and augments a company’s recruiting data to help them improve key parts of their hiring process, from the job description candidates first see to the reports they share with the rest of the company.

Devoted Health

Devoted Health delivers health insurance, access to high-quality medical care, and a world-class service experience for Medicare beneficiaries.

Diffuse Bio

Diffuse Bio is building a push-button, entirely AI, software platform for drug design anchored by a team that was behind the first experimental validation of AI-generated proteins and diffusion models for protein structure and sequence.

Endear Health

Endear Health makes beautiful and easy-to-use software that helps Medicare patients make the most of their health insurance and benefits.

Even Financial

Even Financial’s (Acquired by MoneyLion) software helps people access the financial products that fit them best.

Excision Bio

Excision Bio uses CRISPR gene therapies to cure viral diseases like AIDS.


Extend makes it easy for eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes to offer extended product warranties at the point of sale.

Farmer’s Fridge

Farmer’s Fridge produces and sells fresh, exceptionally delicious salads, soups, sandwiches, and healthy snacks. The company uses automation and advanced data science to manage a daily cold supply chain and to virtually eliminate waste, rent, and retail labor costs.


Featureform has built a platform for customers to build, share, deploy, and monitor sets of data ("features") which are then used in machine learning applications. This allows for the simple and low cost creation of a feature which is then easily deployable onto a company's existing infrastructure.


ON (formerly GameOn) employs a groundbreaking chatOS platform to revolutionize how brands interact with consumers.

Glympse Bio

Glympse Bio (Acquired by SunBird Bio) has developed technology to diagnose diseases like NASH and multiple forms of cancer at their earliest stages, when they are far more easily treatable.

Good Planet Foods

Good PLANeT Foods manufactures non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and halal certified plant-based cheeses that deliver the taste, melt, and texture of dairy cheese.

Guide Therapeutics

Guide Therapeutics (Acquired by Beam Therapeutics) develops nanoparticles that deliver genetic therapies to a broad range of organs and tissues that have previously been difficult to target. Guide is addressing one of the critical challenges in medicine: making drugs more precise so they cure disease without damaging healthy cells.

Hero Foods

Hero makes all of your favorite foods, without the carbs.


Hypori makes secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) a reality for large organizations, allowing employees to use their own mobile devices in the workplace while keeping corporate data safe and secure in the cloud.


InsightRX’s precision dosing software helps clinicians individualize dosing of potent drugs—such as chemotherapy—at the point of care and avoid costly and dangerous outcomes such as liver failure or lack of efficacy.


Integral revolutionizes how companies de-identify sensitive health data and ensure HIPAA compliance. With Integral’s Certifications-as-a-Service, companies can effortlessly accelerate and audit data processing, collaborate securely, and unlock new insights quickly and seamlessly.

Invicta Medical

Invicta has developed an alternative to CPAP, in the form of a comfortable microelectronic retainer, to treat the hundreds of millions of people globally who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

K2 Cyber Security

K2 (Acquired by New Relic) has developed a comprehensive security solution for increasingly dynamic software development environments, known as containers, through a combination of authentication, access control, and secure communications.


Kinetica’s GPU-architected databases are up to 1,000x faster and 90% cheaper than current offerings from industry leaders like Oracle and SAP. Kinetica targets fast-data use cases like machine learning and geo-spatial analysis.


KlearNow’s cloud-based SaaS platform automates customs clearance and document management, allowing brokers to clear customs from anywhere, anytime, giving importers full visibility of their shipments 24×7.


LinusBio has created a platform that uses a single strand of human hair to determine whether specific biomarkers exist that would indicate afflictions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gherig's disease) and other neurological indicators.


LottieFiles is a collaboration software company that has built a platform around the Lottie file format, one of the most efficient file formats for web and app animators and designers to create scalable animations.


MycoTechnology isolates and produces novel natural ingredients from mushrooms—like new sources of complete proteins, and bitter blockers that allow food companies to achieve the same sweetness in their products with 50% less sugar.


Namogoo helps leading online retailers recover hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. The company’s security software blocks malware that injects competitors’ ads onto ecommerce websites.


Nixtla’s “time series” forecasting models can be integrated within just a matter of minutes and perform materially faster than other solutions based on the quality of its code. The ease of implementation and more efficient run times can save developers significant hours and reduce compute costs.


Nowsta's SaaS software and talent marketplace makes it easier for part-time workers, staffing firms and large employers to work together.

Odyssey Therapeutics

Odyssey is a precision medicine and drug discovery platform seeking to target therapies for diseases, like cancer, and inflammation related indications, like Crohn's and Colitis. Odyssey uses an artificial intelligence platform to discover novel chemistries which are used to create next generation precision medicines.


OncoResponse studies the immune systems of patients who are “elite responders” to cancer immunotherapies in order to develop new treatments for a broader array of cancer patients.


Onymos saves customers significant time and money by eliminating the need to manage multiple software vendor relationships. Customers can jumpstart the application development process through a single point of development and integration.

Outlier Health

Outlier Health promotes a data driven understanding of nutritional needs through three unique brands: 80-20 Plants, Complement and No Meat Athlete.


Paceline rewards consumers for leading healthy active lives.


Phil is a technology-enabled pharmacy network and distributor that reduces the overhead and inefficiencies that plague pharmaceutical supply chains.


Quadrata is a web3 company bringing the identity and compliance layer to decentralized applications on existing public blockchains, such as Ethereum, which allows for smart contract applications to securely access otherwise sensitive information.


RapidDeploy's cloud-based software brings 9-1-1 departments out of the Stone Age, and gets first responders to emergencies faster, with critical data in hand.


Receive offers business owners direct access to spending from receivables and removes unnecessary waiting. When customers make a purchase, the Receive platform makes the funds immediately available on a fee free and interest free card.


Recogni is a fabless chip design and systems company providing AI inference for mobility and GenAI applications. The company's technology delivers more than 100x the computing power of competitors' systems while consuming far less energy.


Roviero's graph processor technology brings AI supercomputing power to any edge device.


Shakudo is a one stop platform that brings together the most popular open-source tools in the modern data stack.

Sidecar Health

Sidecar Health is a health insurance company whose plans save customers up to 40% on health coverage by making the true price of care transparent to patients.

Sirona Medical

Sirona's unified radiology operating system (RadOS) is radically modernizing the clunky, archaic radiology technology stack.

Skyhawk Therapeutics

Skyhawk Therapeutics develops “splicing modifier” drugs that correct the underlying genetics of difficult-to-treat diseases like multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, and ALS.


Spot offers affordable injury insurance that protects patients against skyrocketing out-of-pocket medical costs.

Spring Labs

Spring Labs is building a decentralized credit bureau to facilitate secure, real-time exchange of credit and identity data. The company’s leadership and Advisory Board include current and former heads of Goldman Sachs, TransUnion, Capital One, the FDIC, Fannie Mae, and Avant.


Strivr combines virtual reality with advanced learning theory, data science and spatial design to transform employee training. Strivr has partnered with companies including BMW, Fidelity, JetBlue, Verizon and Walmart to elevate performance through Immersive Experience.


Symbl is a human conversation intelligence platform that parses information from unstructured digital human conversations. This intelligence engine can be used to build applications to improve sales performance, customer experiences, note-taking and other business use cases.

The Fresh Factory

The Fresh Factory built a platform to accelerate the growth of emerging food and beverage brands. They are vertically integrated from the farm to the shelf and offer services above and beyond traditional manufacturing.


Transcarent makes it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable health and care by creating a personalized experience tailored for each member, including an on-demand care team, and a connected ecosystem of high-quality, in-person care and virtual point solutions.


Truvian Sciences has developed a blood diagnostic platform that provides full panel analyses in minutes at the point of care or in pharmacy locations using just a few drops of blood.


Uptake’s predictive analytics platform enables industrial businesses to save millions of dollars by improving the uptime of critical large equipment and streamlining operations.


Vim works with the country’s largest health insurance companies to improve outcomes and decrease costs by steering patients towards the highest value doctors.

Wicked Foods

Wicked Foods is on a mission to inspire the world to eat more plants by offering a chef-driven range of delicious 100% animal-free foods that unleash the power of plants. Wicked Kitchen provides convenient meal solutions in food service and across multiple supermarket departments and more than 15,000 retailers around the world.


ZenBusiness takes the headaches out of establishing and managing a small business by automating confusing paperwork and processes. To date, ZenBusiness has helped more than 100,000 companies get up and running.