Ashok Krishnamurthi

Ashok Krishnamurthi

Managing Partner

Ashok is a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on enterprise IT, and the intersection of computer science and life sciences. Most recently he founded two medical related companies: CAPP Medical, a liquid biopsy company for cancer diagnosis that he sold to Roche Diagnostics, and CiberMed which focuses on biomarker discovery. Previously he founded Xsigo, a provider of advanced data center connectivity, which he sold to Oracle. Prior to Xsigo, Ashok was one of the early leaders of Juniper Networks where he helped develop many of the products that power today’s internet, and which was one of the largest venture investment returns of all time. Ashok has also been an investor in a number of innovative companies like GoEuro, Reflektion, OttoQ, Veradocs, Falcon Systems, Robin Systems, and Scoredata amongst others. He is currently on the board of Scoredata and the non-profit ALCMI.


GreatPoint Boards
Namogoo, InsightRX, K2 Security, Truvian Sciences, Even Financial

What was your first job / entrepreneurial venture?

Taking apart my Grand-dad’s black-and-white TV and working with him to make it a color TV

What’s your secret talent others don’t know about?

I am a carpenter and a painter (acrylics paintings)

Your Favorite book?

Life of Pi — it leaves things to one’s imagination

What fun things do you do outside of work?

I love to entertain family and friends with amateur magic

Who are your heroes?

My sons, they have shown me that they can do whatever is thrown their way with the best positive attitude, a smile and doing it for the pure pleasure of doing it.

Who was your mentor?

My father, always pushed me to be the best, encouraged me without judging and only wished the best.